Passivhaus Planning News

Passivhaus Planning News

After a long and arduous battle across nearly five years, common sense has prevailed in County Durham’s Planning Department and Conditional Planning Consent has finally been granted for a new Passivhaus dwelling on a spectacular residential site in Stanhope, County Durham. After two previous planning refusals in which the Council claimed that the project was “unsustainable” due to the site being 870m from the nearest bus stop, we can now plan to deliver County Durham’s first certified Passivhaus home

passivhaus stanhope plot

While celebrating this victory (which restores new bold design’s 100% planning consent record), it is a shame that we have had to battle against a succession of misguided people with responsibilities way above their knowledge or an ability to tell fact from fiction. The lack of Government support for more sustainable new housing is shameful and the NPPF has been no help at all

Our persistence has been rewarded, mainly due to our refusal to be brow-beaten by a planning system which has been contrived to support the highly profitable housebuilding industry which throws up tens of thousands of badly designed, badly built, unsustainable and unaffordable new homes every year. The lesson here is, if you want a real sustainable home, build it yourself

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