• A series of small, new-build, residential developments for 55 disabled people
  • Challenging integration of former hospital residents into the community
  • Extensive consultations with clients, care providers, physiotherapists and OTs
  • Commenced in 2000 and completed in 2005

A series of individual residential developments throughout the North East of England, to provide supported living accommodation for 55 disabled former residents of Earls House Hospital in Durham, integrated into surrounding residential areas

The schemes ranged from single residential units to several three or four bedroom units on individual sites. The emphasis of the scheme was working with three care providers; Oaklea Trust, St. Anne’s Community Trust and Turning Point, to provide carefully designed units to meet each of the individuals’ special needs. The design took into account the individuals’ hobbies and activities and accommodates all the specific needs identified by the occupational therapists

For each scheme, a series of project team meetings were held, at which the preliminary designs were developed in consultation with the Earls House Care Managers, the Care Providers, the Project Architect (Philip Newbold) and the Main Contractor

The design approach reflected the sensitivity that is necessary for the success of the integration of special needs residential accommodation into existing communities. The scheme proposals also involved liaison with local Planning Authorities and undertaking delicate neighbourhood consultation exercises

The project commenced in 2000 and was completed in 2005

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